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Balagopal & Bibhuti Events and Expositions (P) Ltd.

B&B, Balagopal & Bibhuti Events and Expositions (P) Ltd. is an initiative commissioned with an aim to extend services in Visual Art and Communication. Passion for fine arts and visual communication has extended to Republic Day Tableaux and highly rated expositions, which the Group rates as an achievement close to its heart ,as it has given it a place on the biggest National Stage.

BE and LET BE is a visionary statement for those who care to understand the nuances of marketing. It underlines the spirit that creativity dwells in everyone . The need of the hour is for team players, and every team player has a role to play in anything constructive. It is with this spirit that B&B has constituted an amazing resource centre of people, who form the support team of the organisation. Inclusive work atmosphere that the team spirit inculcates has its rewards in the success that it achieves in everything it undertakes. The company is established on the basic principle that work is its own reward and every contribution has its share of it. The passion that leads the team is an outcome of years of experience and expertise, and the drive to deliver beyond expectations. B&B is an amalgamation of spirit, camaraderie and character.

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