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Educational Gateways - Edugate

The venture, Educational Gateways with the brand name ‘EduGate’ has been the result of a passionate desire to be a part of the educational system, and to make a difference in whatever way the Group can.

Consultancy Services For School Education Initiatives

As a consultant in his individual capacity, the Group Director is closely associated with various brands and has built, restructured, and repositioned a multitude of brands including many in the Education sector. This is strictly on retainership basis with all the brands that he handles, which accounts for most of his professional time, while other business operations are self-sustaining. The Group is selective about brands and focuses on consultancy assignments more than pro-rata billings.

Time management is a critical component in the Group’s working methodology and costs are as per the professional time involved. The initiatives also extend advertising and marketing support to some top-bracket brands, other than those in education, on an annual retainership basis. The work processes for these brands include regular interaction through dealer conferences, meetings with the sales network, creating avenues and working out marketing strategies as per the market demands.


Hariharan Balagopal Presently spearheads a turnkey assignment of a mega project of a Sports University in Jhansi, and launch of several school initiatives in different places like Bhopal , Raipur, Lucknow and Kathmandu, Nepal. Balagopal is engaged also in total restructuring of some educational initiatives including DPS Rohtak as its Management Committee Member . For several other DPS initiatives Balagopal renders school-specific consultancy services .

Hariharan Balagopal played a key role in launching and establishing the entire K.R. Mangalam chain of World Schools and the K.R. Mangalam University , over a dynamic association spanning twelve years .

RNS World School in Jhansi too has been conceptualised and given its pride of place in the Bundhelkhand region by Hariharan Balagopal, and further horizontal expansion of the brand and launch of RNS schools in other parts of UP is in the pipeline presently.


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